Giving the Finger

If you like books about fishing, biographies, and general life experience in exotic locations this book is for you. There is some adult language and this is certainly not a book for those seeking advice on how to get into crab fishing so this book is recommended with that very minor caveat.


The Land Was Everything

Highly Recommend. An honest and real look at the hard, and valuable life of farming.


I highly recommend this book for those wanting background on the black market and the insane work that has to be done to accomplish even the most minor transaction (go read “I, Pencil, only substitute “cocaine” for the pencil).

On Writing

On Writing: An excellent book that is about a lot more than just how-to and follow these steps…Highly Recommend

New Books For 2016

Thought I would share some titles to look forward to in 2016 for review. I always use my end-of-year money to clean out my wishlist at Amazon and the list below covers the first load of the books I plan to read in the following year broken down into categories: Theology Proper According to Plan…

The Present Age

Highly Recommended.

Especially for those looking for a less sensational work examining the current state of the State.