Blogs generally are becoming an antiquated form of communication in the current age. They are an aughts technology in an instagram culture. However, there is still a place for relatively brief comments and given I have few outlets for writing this medium still suits that kind of thing best. This is why I have decided to move on from pontificating on esoteric parochial concerns (though important in their own right) in essay form to giving short, concise reflections on the many books I read. This place will not just cover the theological works which make up most of my diet, but also shall see taken up the many sociological, economic, political, biographical, and even fiction titles that fill in the rest of my visual learning time.

As soon as I finish a book I will digest it, present it here, and leave it for you to observe and meditate upon. Enjoy and hopefully this will provide some help in seeing what things may or may not strike your fancy.

Why Call It “Swabian Book Review”?

Names and titles are never simple constructions.

Swabian, because the Glaser’s of my ancestry are from the German linguistic, cultural, and geographical region of Swabia. Good a reason as any I guess.

Book Review, because that is the purpose of this place.

One comment on the basic structure of each post.

Normally the featured image (the picture with the post) will be the cover of the book under review. However, in the case of works that have an illegitimate picture of Jesus Christ or any other member of the Godhead, a violation of the 2nd Commandment, I will place the author in that position.

Blessings and Thanks,

Benjamin P. Glaser

P.S. – Here is a link to my goodreads profile where you can find older reviews.


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